15 Years of Walking Together with JAAGO

15 years ago, in a small room with 17 students and 10 volunteers, a journey to rebuild the nation began. Now, this endeavour has spread across Bangladesh, with 4200 students receiving a quality education and 50,000 youth volunteers engaging in community development. Thanks to the many people who stuck with us through thick and thin, we overcame all hurdles and reached where we are today.

Since then, JAAGO has been taking quality education in the most rural parts of the country using the digital platform. As we move forward in our journey, JAAGO has started focusing on issues such as youth empowerment, gender equality, climate resilience, etc.

The 15-year journey has been filled with joys, setbacks, achievements, teamwork, and, above all, a commitment to end poverty through education and youth development. A lot has changed over the course of this journey. The JAAGO students continued to learn digitally and were introduced to Telephone Education (Tel – Ed) when the school closed due to the pandemic. In Bandarban, where once students used to go to school on foot walking miles for hours, now they have access to a school bus. From life in a slum to pursuing higher education abroad, from surfing the waves to learning in a classroom, our students are conquering their dreams. On the other hand, youth volunteers are reaching the remotest part of the country in 64 districts; engaging themselves actively in community development.

The 15-year completion celebration was full of joys and emotions, making the bond of love and work stronger than ever! JAAGO, of course, with their beloved ones, dined, danced and sang the emotions in a unique way.

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