New Book Distribution Programme at JAAGO Foundation

Book Distribution 2023

Recently, JAAGO has provided all students at their schools in 10 districts with brand-new workbooks and other learning materials. Although this may seem like a small gesture, the materials have a significant impact on student’s education and motivation. The students could hardly contain their excitement as they opened their newly purchased textbooks for the first time. They flipped through the pages, admiring the colourful illustrations and well-written text. They couldn’t wait to dive into their studies and see what they could accomplish with these brand-new tools. The newly purchased pencil cases and pens were also a source of excitement for the students, who had previously used old, worn-out materials. They marvelled at the vibrant colours and crisp lines that their new pens could produce, and they couldn’t wait to put their new tools to use.

Book Distribution 2023

JAAGO’s mission is to bridge the gap between us and underprivileged children by prioritizing their education and the quality of their school supplies. The importance of quality learning materials in a student’s education cannot be overstated. These materials provide students with the tools they need to succeed in their studies and help them to improve their reading and writing skills. Furthermore, brand-new materials serve as a source of motivation for students. When they see that they have fresh materials, it makes them feel valued, and they are more excited to learn. A Banani school class 10 student was quoted saying, “Getting new materials feels like my studies are valued by others, and that my education is a priority. It’s so exciting having access to tools that are solely mine. I’m so grateful for the new books, pencils and everything else.”

Book Distribution 2023

The provision of new materials also plays a crucial role in reducing the gap between underprivileged students and their more privileged peers. Children from underprivileged backgrounds often do not have access to the same resources as their more privileged peers. Materials like this level the playing field and give students a sense of equality. Furthermore, upgraded materials are not only beneficial for students but also for teachers. They are able to provide better quality education when they have access to updated and well-maintained materials. The new materials also help teachers to create more interactive and engaging lessons, which will result in better student engagement and retention. Updated workbooks and lesson plans allow teachers to provide students with advanced understanding. Because of our gracious donors, we are able to start off the school year with elation and motivation for what’s to come. We are humbled by the generosity of our donors who made this possible. We look forward to showcasing the exciting things our students will accomplish with their new materials. The possibilities for these students are truly endless, and we are excited to see them reach their full potential.

Book Distribution 2023
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