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The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown caused our daily lives to come to a standstill. Education institutes all over the world are also closed for an indefinite period. While the world embraces online education more than ever, JAAGO is determined to educate children who do not have the privilege of internet or mobile learning.

In order to continue the education of the underprivileged children, JAAGO came up with an innovative solution to provide Education to our Students through the Telephone! However, these children are in dire need of your help to become students again. #BringThemBackToSchool is an initiative to help continue the education of the JAAGO children and also help them feel a sense of normalcy in this unprecedented time. With your love and contribution, these children will be ready to lead and give back to the world.

At the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, around March, JAAGO Foundation helped the families of our children, who did not even have food on their table, through our COVID-19 Relief initiative. However, within a couple of months, we realized that if we were not able to continue educating our children, it would set them back tremendously academically. Given the background of our JAAGO students, a basic internet connection is considered a luxury, let alone a smartphone or tablet. As we continue maintaining the government’s decision on keeping schools closed, we cannot employ the same means of providing education to our children as the rest of the world. Within two months, JAAGO initiated Telephone Education to ensure the continuation of studies of the children during this crisis.

To begin with, we had our teachers trained by professional psychologists so that they understand the circumstances of the children and possess the same teaching credibility and experience in designing the curriculum as a traditional teacher. After ensuring the expertise, SMS, and phone calls were made by trained teachers to every student individually according to their needs.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the troubled times during this pandemic, many of JAAGO’s previous sponsors faced challenges themselves and stopped supporting the education of their sponsored children. So, we turn to you to help them continue to dream big and take on the world, one phone call at a time.  With your support, these underprivileged students at JAAGO schools will have a greater chance of escaping poverty by getting a quality education, improving the standard of living of their communities, and have healthier and productive lives.

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