Bangladesh Youth Network

Connecting Youth Everywhere


The world we live in today has the largest population of youth. In Bangladesh itself, there are approximately 48 million youth according to UNFPA (2014), a huge percentage which is often ignored in socio-political discussion. This lack of involvement translates into high rates of unemployment, low quality education and lack of job based training. The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) states that roughly 2 million young people enter the labor market every year in Bangladesh, constituting about 70% of the total unemployment. My World Survey (2014) has identified three main priorities associated with the Bangladeshi youth (16 – 30 years):

       1) A Good Education
       2) Better Opportunities
       3) A Honest and Responsive government


Numerous civil society organizations in Bangladesh have come forward to address such youth related problems. They use the youths’ unparalleled hunger to communicate, act and influence society for transformation in their communities and Bangladesh as a whole.

The existing challenges of unemployment, multiple forms of inequalities and exclusion of vulnerable or marginalized youth groups makes it difficult for the typical Bangladeshi youth to reach his/her/their full potential. Thus, to ensure the smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood there is much need for structured initiative.

Even though, non-government organizations are constantly working towards youth development; there has been little coherence and coordination in their work thus far. This hinders the organizations’ short-term and long-term goals, yielding insignificant progress in facilitating movements of young people to more productive sectors, and reducing their potential access to social protection.


In recognition of this, we are excited to announce a new UNDP initiative with the help of JAAGO Foundation, to create a network for organizations which works towards youth development throughout Bangladesh.

UNDP and JAAGO Foundation believe that with such a network, organizations can come together and provide a more structured and concentrated approach towards youth development. The network will enable the members to share their experiences and collaborate in order to elevate the position of youth in Bangladesh.

As part of this network, we are creating a database of organizations to be used as part of communication and information sharing. This database will incorporate basic information on all organizations based in Bangladesh focusing on youth priorities. It will be used by network members to search and contact potential partners.


We are calling out to all organizations who work for youth empowerment throughout Bangladesh to join us not only as pioneers of this innovative new network, but also in a promising new era for youth development in Bangladesh!

If you are an organization and you’d like to be a part of the Bangladesh Youth Network, please follow the link to register yourselves into our database: Click to register.

If you have any further queries or questions regarding the network and/or the database, please feel free to contact us at: