Application Ends: October 20, 2022

Job Responsibilities

• Provide classroom instruction that supports student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical needs.
• Daily attendance and punctuality at work are essential functions of the job.
• Ability to relate well with students and other adults.
• Create daily lesson plans that are engaging, educational and exciting for the kids, encouraging them to want to come to school.
• Deliver lesson plans in a way that catches the attention of the students and keeps them occupied and excited about learning.
• Reach school and course-wide performance goals for every student in the class.
• Watch closely for students who are struggling with emotional problems, learning disabilities or situations at home, and help them find the resources they need.
• Grade papers and homework regularly to keep students updated on how they are doing and to head any problems off before they become a habit.
• Increase educational knowledge and stay up to date on new methods by joining professional organizations, attending continuing education courses and attending regular training sessions for teachers.
• Weave goals, competencies and objectives into lesson plans in ways that directly apply to the student’s life.
• Excellent communication & presentation skills.
• Design and manage media (videos, audio and graphics) that are needed to impart the lessons
• Supervise students in out-of-classroom activities during the school day.
• Actively participate in faculty and staff meetings.
• Prepare report cards and conduct Parents’-Teacher’s meetings to exchange feedback with them regarding their children.
• Participate in events for students to celebrate national and special days.


Excellent communication & presentation skills.

Date Posted

October 13, 2022

Employment Status





Offered Salary

BDT 12,000/ - 14000/=



Educational Qualification



As per the Organization’s Policy

Office Hour


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Brief description of JAAGO Foundation

JAAGO Foundation is a civil society organization (CSO) working towards education and social mobilization for the underprivileged masses of Bangladesh. Its mission to fight poverty, JAAGO pioneered a Free-of-Cost International Standard School for underprivileged children in remote areas of Bangladesh. JAAGO’s Youth Development Program focuses on national development via the reallocation of skills and resources to foster self – reliance and growth in every young citizen.

JAAGO Foundation is an equal employment and affirmative action employer whereby we do not engage in practices that discriminate against any person employed or seeking employment based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information or any other status or characteristic protected under applicable law.