Application Ends: 15 September 2022

Job Responsibilities

● Manager as a role model: embody JAAGO’s values daily, and be a role model.
● Manager as a coach for meaning: understand the strategy, make it explicit, translate it into operational objectives for their team, and lead the necessary changes. Give meaning to each management action. Encourage inter and intradepartmental exchanges of practice. Encourage innovation and risk-taking.
● Operational manager: organize the operational management of their team, structure the workaround identified processes, steer performance and facilitate the resolution of problems.
● First HR & Coach: contribute to the development of their staff, creating the conditions for their commitment, professionalism, and attachment to JAAGO. Ensure compliance with the code of conduct and institutional policies, the mindset, and expected individual and collective behavior.

Strategy and Steering:
● Contribute to the development of the project’s operational strategy
● Contribute to project or JAAGO operational strategy.
● Draft new project proposals for the continuity or expansion of the project.
● Contribute to drafting new proposals for new opportunities, if necessary.

Operational implementation:

Responsibility 1: Ensure the implementation of the project is in line with the logical framework and allocated budget

● Steer the project’s intervention strategy and put forward adjustments if the objectives change or if it is likely that they will not be met.
● Ensure that activities and the associated resources are planned, and implement the action plan.
● Ensure that activities are implemented in line with the project proposal and the allocated budget.
● Ensure project reporting internally (within the program) and externally (reporting to funding bodies, authorities, and partners).
● Undertake expenditure and manage the project activity-specific budget lines according to the delegation he/she received based on the approved budget.
● Prepare and manage partnerships with the project implementation partners.
● Guarantee the proper archiving of information.

Responsibility 2: Ensure that project implementation complies with the existing frameworks

● Ensure the proper implementation and follow-up of organizational policies (specifically Code of Conduct, PSEA, and Disability inclusion policies) and the other JAAGO internal standards.
● Ensure compliance with the terms of the project proposal and the rules applied by the project funding body/bodies.

Responsibility 3: Ensure project monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning

● Ensure project monitoring, specifically activity progress indicators and the expected outcomes.
● Develop and implement the project evaluation plan.
● Ensure that the project is accountable to the local stakeholders.
● Ensure project learning, taking into account lessons learned from similar previous projects, following the recommendations made throughout the project (from evaluations, support missions, audits, etc.), and capitalizing on the acquired knowledge.

Responsibility 4: Ensure project data management

● Ensure that data related to the project is collected and compiled in the project database.
● Carry out regular checks and makes any necessary corrections to the activity database.

Responsibility 5: Coordinate the teams involved in the project

● Facilitate coordination meetings between his/her direct team and the support teams located in the project area regularly.
● Ensure that his/her team and the support teams (shared and technical teams, in particular) work well together to facilitate the implementation of the project.
● Facilitate the project management committee.

Responsibility 6: Contribute to external project communication

● Contribute to JAAGO’s external influence by taking part in networks, when required.
● Communicate about the project to partners, authorities, and stakeholders when relevant.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

● Lead the emergency preparedness actions in his/her department and, in the event of an emergency, reorganize the priorities of his/her team according to the humanitarian priority to ensure a quick and efficient response by JAAGO.

● Ensure that the required technical expertise for his/her project, Inclusive Education, is mobilized so that international technical norms and standards are met, the necessary documentation is developed, and the field team is trained.
● Attend to other requests and projects as assigned by the Project Focal.


● Age at least 30 years.
● At least 5-7 years of experience in Project Management, preferably in hill tracks, indigenous community settings and the education sector.
● Experience in Project Cycle Management includes budget and HR management (direct team management of considerably large team).
● Previous experience in Managing an inclusive project or related to the inclusion of people with disabilities in society.
● Experience in the capacity-building program and facilitation of training.
● Proven representation experience.
● Good negotiation, planning, multi-tasking, and organizational skills.
● Strong communication and networking skills.
● Financial management, ability to prepare and monitor budgets and produce reports. ● Strong writing and reporting skills (clear, concise, and reliable communication suited to the interlocutor).
● Ability to work under high pressure, in unstable and frequently changing contexts.
● Excellent interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity to effectively interact with all levels of staff and partners.
● H/She must be proficient in Results and indicators monitoring, Planning, and coordination of qualitative and quantitative surveys.
● Dissemination of results, Proposal, narrative report writing, etc.
● H/She must practice Project evaluation, Accountability to affected populations: participatory, non-discriminatory, and responsible approaches.

Date Posted

July 18, 2022

Employment Status

Contractual (5 years)




Offered Salary

BDT 90,000



Educational Qualification

● Master’s Degree in Education, Development studies, or any relevant discipline.
● The education subject background is an advantage.
● Knowledge of disability and Inclusive Education or Inclusion is an advantage.


At least 5 years.
● Education Administration/ Management, Emergency Response Operation, Inclusive Education, Non-formal education project implementation and Project Management is a significant advantage.
● The applicants should have experience in the following business area(s): Development Agency, NGO.
● Working experience in the Hill Tracks region is an advantage.


As per Organization Policy

Office Hour

Sunday-Thursday (09.00 AM-5.00 PM)

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Brief description of JAAGO Foundation

JAAGO Foundation is a civil society organization (CSO) working towards education and social mobilization for the underprivileged masses of Bangladesh. Its mission to fight poverty, JAAGO pioneered a Free-of-Cost International Standard School for underprivileged children in remote areas of Bangladesh. JAAGO’s Youth Development Program focuses on national development via the reallocation of skills and resources to foster self – reliance and growth in every young citizen.

JAAGO Foundation is an equal employment and affirmative action employer whereby we do not engage in practices that discriminate against any person employed or seeking employment based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information or any other status or characteristic protected under applicable law.