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Country Scenario

Bangladesh, on all counts, is the “innocent victim” of climate change, as it, in comparison with developed countries, has had little contribution to its causes. It is one of the greatest threats to our sustainable future, but addressing the climate challenge presents an opportunity to promote prosperity, security, and a brighter future.
Recognizing the imperative of combating these crises of growing economic inequality and rising climate change, JAAGO focused on working closely with climate related issues; working directly with critical populations such as local communities, women, youth, and other marginalized and/or underrepresented groups to develop climate resilience and alternative livelihood options. JAAGO has been organizing behavior change communication interventions to increase acceptance of critical populations participation, activism and leadership on climate action.

Recent Interventions

In March 2022 JAAGO organized roundtable discussions on “Climate Action : Mitigation and Adaptation” involving the youth of this country , led by the local youth leaders. When Cyclone Amphan hit the southern coasts of Bangladesh, JAAGO youth stepped up and helped to eradicate the sufferings of the affected people. They have been working hard to promote tree plantation, reducing plastic usage, cycling etc. Recently, volunteers from Satkhira held their meetings in the middle of the water as a display of the current state of Satkhira as a result of climate change. They are speaking up to stand against climate change. JAAGO aims to invest and include youth in the climate action process and make way for the youth so they can act as an agent of climate solutions and mitigate the effects of climate change. Till date our volunteers have implemented 100+ projects to tackle climate change in collaboration with Commonwealth, British High Commission, and ActionAid.