Goodness Bowl : An Initiative with Local Restaurants to Support Education

JAAGO | Date : 25 March 2021 | Total Views : 673

On the grand occasion of 50 years of Bangladesh, Dhaka’s top restaurants have joined our “Goodness Bowl” initiative. To celebrate this milestone, they have come together under one common cause: Empowering our nation through quality education. These restaurants are taking on the fight to improve literacy in our country with the JAAGO Foundation by donating generously to support our students’ education. Along with the donation, these restaurants will welcome some of JAAGO’s top-performing students to their restaurants for an opportunity to indulge in a scrumptious meal. 

Our partners for this 

Our partners for this initiative are:

JAAGO Goodness Bowl Campaign

This campaign is driven to help maintain the tuition, school supplies, and overall welfare of the JAAGO Foundation schools’ students. Every year, millions of children are denied an education at a time when it has the power to change their lives and the world around them. Investing in children’s education can break the generational cycle of poverty and change entire communities’ trajectory. Thanks to all of our supporters for believing in our cause.