How Sponsor a Child Program Works at JAAGO Foundation

How Does Sponsor a Child Work?

Sponsor a child is a program that connects children in need with generous sponsors like you! By sponsoring a child, you will create sustainability in the community and give children the best opportunities for a stable and fruitful life

When you sponsor a child, you are supporting them with quality education and educational needs such as: school equipment, digital support etc. Sponsoring a child with JAAGO Foundation costs about BDT 2000/ USD 27/ GBP 20 a month!

Who Are Eligible for This Sponsorship Program?

To be eligible for sponsorship, children must meet these criteria. The primary requirements for admission are- the child need to be 4/5 years old as we admit students only in the reception class. The family of the child must live within a 3 km radius of the school premise, and we only admit students from the family who cannot bear the child’s education cost.

Our Schools

Currently, we have approximate 4500 Students in 11 Digital Schools across Bangladesh. The schools are located at Dhaka (Banani, Rayer Bazar), Chattogram, Madaripur, Rajshahi, Habiganj, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Teknaf, Bandarban, and Gaibandha.

How Can Sponsorship Make a Difference in Children’s Lives?

Your monthly sponsorship helps provide life-changing, essential needs to your sponsored child and their entire community:

1. Quality Education

With access to quality education, children become lifelong learners, transforming their communities. When you sponsor a child, you ensure a better future, helping them reach their full potential, thus breaking the cycle of poverty. You are supporting them with quality education and educational needs such as – school equipment, digital support etc.

2. Nutritional Support

Good nutrition is an essential foundation for health and development. Through your contribution, you are ensuring nutritious food for every child, protecting them from malnutrition and helping them to reach their goals.

3. Healthcare

Good health and nutrition empower children, families and communities, spurring them to live fuller lives. Your generous support ensures that children at JAAGO Foundation receive regular health care and adolescents are provided with proper SRHR care.

4. Sustainable Development

Development should be transformational, community-based and sustainable, focused especially on the basic needs of children. Through your contribution, you are improving the underprivileged communities and bringing them out of the cycle of poverty.

Current Education System, Teaching Methods, & Curriculum

JAAGO has been providing free of cost quality education to underprivileged children following the English version of NCTB curriculum. With a decade-long presence in the education sector and pioneering the Digital Schooling Program, JAAGO revolutionised the quality of education in remote areas of Bangladesh.

To reduce dropouts in schools, JAAGO Foundation has adapted the blended approach to learning. This is where skilled teachers can teach online with the assistance and supervision of a local community teacher in even the most remote areas of Bangladesh. This approach presents an increased opportunity for students to connect with their teachers.

In addition to this, to address the need of those who do not have access to traditional schools, JAAGO has introduced alternative learning opportunities and developed a curriculum that reflects the special needs of the children and adolescents and empowers them to cope with life.

Sectors We Focus on while Educating Underprivileged Children

Along with academic lessons, JAAGO focuses on emotional and physical nourishment. JAAGO provides nutrition, hygiene and health programs benefiting the students, their families and the wider community. JAAGO aims to improve the life prospects of the students through education.

How Can the Sponsors Connect and Communicate with Their Sponsored Children?

We try to maintain an uninterruptible connection between the students and sponsors. Google meet video call sessions are organised by our Child Sponsorship Team between the sponsors and the sponsored students to share their experience of life and their academic progress.Sponsors also have the opportunity to meet their sponsored child, always accompanied by our Child Sponsorship Team.

How Sponsors’ Contributions Are Being Spent and Distributed to Their Sponsored Kids?

Your monthly contribution helps provide life-changing, essential needs to your sponsored child and his or her entire community. Students get:

  • Quality Education
  • Uniform
  • School Bag
  • Medical Support
  • Teacher
  • Education Materials
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Nutritious Food

Why is Sponsoring a Child Essential in Bangladesh’s Perspective and Its Future Benefits?

When you sponsor a child, you are ensuring their better future, helping them to reach their full potential, thus breaking the cycle of poverty. And empowering children and their communities to stand on their own two feet is the best way to make real and lasting change.

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