Iftar of Gratitude

JAAGO Foundation stepped into the 15th year of its journey on 14 April 2022. As part of the 15th-anniversary celebrations and the holy month of Ramadan, JAAGO hosted an iftar with the students, sponsors and well-wishers of JAAGO. It was an occasion for us to express our gratitude for the strength we have received from the Almighty during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we are grateful to host this iftar with our loved ones after two long years.

It was extraordinary for us to see all the wellwishers of JAAGO come together under one roof to celebrate the 15th Anniversary. On the occasion, guests were connected LIVE with thousands of students via our Digital School System in the 11 schools situated in remote parts of Bangladesh. It was an heartfelt experience of unity where the children, sponsor parents, supporters, well-wishers and volunteers were united and feasted as one.

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