Outstanding Young Hero from Bangladesh Receives the Diana Award

Rafiul Haque Anter, aged 23, from Bangladesh has been recognised with the highest recognition a young person can achieve for social action or humanitarian efforts – The Diana Award. He has gone above and beyond in his daily life to create and sustain positive change.

Established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, the Award is given out by the charity of the same name and has the support of both her sons, The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex. For over twenty years The Diana Award has valued and invested in young people encouraging them to continue to make positive change in their communities and lives of others.

Rafiul joined Volunteer For Bangladesh, the Youth Wing of JAAGO Foundation as a volunteer back in 2014 to give some time out of his life to community service. He was selected as a committee member in just 2 months. From then onwards, he has been even more motivated to help the marginalized communitIes

During the course of his experience Rafiul has shown exemplary leadership and decision making skills. He has the will power and vision to create change by motivating and encouraging people to bring out the best of their humanitarian nature. He has worked on some remarkable projects while volunteering in Volunteer For Bangladesh, including Universal Children Day, World Environment Day 2015, World Water Day 2014, Iftar with Old Home, A project involving collaboration of Football and Networking: Kick For Hope, and many more.

“As one of the biggest youth platforms in Bangladesh, VBD provided me the scope to bring positive changes in my community and also provided me with different opportunities through projects to help create awareness, better the environment and work to meet the global goals.”

Rafiul Haque Anter

Due to his enthusiasm towards volunteering for the community and his commitment in executing all projects proficiently, JAAGO Foundation offered Rafiul a position as a part-time officer in the Public Relations Team. Soon he was promoted to a full-time Digital Media Officer. The highlight of working in the organization for one and a half years was when he received the award for Most “Creative Employee Of The Year”, & “Quarterly Best Employee (Execution)” in JAAGO.

To summarize, we at JAAGO Foundation & Volunteer For Bangladesh, would like to express our gratitude to the Diana Award for recognizing and giving this honour to Rafiul Haque Anter. By receiving this honour he will surely inspire more young people to get involved in their communities and begin their own journeys as active citizens.

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