Breaking The Cycle Of Malnutrition With Thrive

Children are the future of any community. Their health, education, and well-being are essential for that future to be bright. Unfortunately, millions of children in Bangladesh don’t have the good fortune of healthy, nutritious food.

One of the most significant factors for malnutrition among children in Bangladesh is household food insecurity; this is why JAAGO implements a healthy living program to ensure that our students have access to at least one nutritious meal a day.

JAAGO is delighted to partner with Thrive, an organization that aims to provide healthy and nutritious meals to hungry children in the poorest parts of the world to help feed the students at our schools. Thrive and JAAGO have worked together to determine the needs of our students. Studies show that children in Bangladesh suffer from high micronutrient deficiencies, specifically zinc, vitamin A and iron deficiencies. Therefore, Thrive has complied foods that will address these concerns, such as Banana that contain potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, potassium, iron, and biotin, which has benefits for the heart, digestion, energy, bone strength, brainpower and vision. Thrive provides food to 5 of our schools.

JAAGO believes in the sustainable development of the children and ensures their health safety to prepare them for the future. Without health care security, they can hardly avail the education they deserve. With the help of Thrive, we can unleash the possibilities among these children and create a world with easy access to safe health and education in the future as well.

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