Your Contribution Can Give The Vulnerable Families Hope And Put Food On Their Table

Covid Relief Fund
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During The Covid -19

We are all aware of the fact that currently, the world is facing the biggest challenge of our times. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused mankind to face various adversities around the world. Cities have been under lockdown to fight the virus transmission, And the worst affected in this situation are the underprivileged classes of society. In this situation, JAAGO Foundation has stepped up to help these families.

Last year, despite the challenges of lockdowns, economic instability, and the devastating loss of many loved ones, you continued to serve humanity through our COVID-19 Relief Fund which helped more than 1,00,000 families. This time with your donation, we hope to continue reaching those living in the most difficult of circumstances again with a food bag.

With your donation, we will provide vulnerable families living in extreme poverty with food. Together, we can help them fight this COVID-19 crisis again.

You can also donate via + 8801777742130