Safe Space for Rohingya Children

Equip children for a smarter future!

JAAGO’s Vision

The Safe Haven Project (SHP) aims to support the physical and mental wellbeing of these disenfranchised children by providing them with a safe space where they are engaged in regular childhood social experiences, learning and emotional healing.

Country Scenario

Through the Safe Haven Project, JAAGO is serving upwards of 500 Rohingya refugee children per day. JAAGO has undergone training in crisis-learning from supportive international organizations, as well as trauma-therapy techniques to administer to the children for their emotional and mental wellbeing. Additionally, local Rohingya support staff have been hired to engage with the children.

How JAAGO Is Contributing

Safe Haven children have access to:
1) Safe shelter: An administered area staffed by trained, Rohingya and Bangladeshi professionals to care for children during the day
2) Education: Receive informal lessons by staff trained in crisis education models and access to information through technology
3) Therapy and Play: Receive trauma therapy (learned through US-based practitioners who have trained JAAGO staff). Children can play and can be a child again!