Surfer’s Megher School

JAAGO Foundation is working as the World Food Programme’s (“WFP”) implementing partner to provide non-formal education, life skills, specialized learning, and in-kind food assistance to 100 underprivileged children and youth under different Surfing Clubs of Cox’s Bazar for a period of two years and eight months. The objective of the project is to break the cycle of poverty of 100 families through providing education and life skills to their children and youth of Cox’s Bazar. This project named “Surfer’s Megher School” seeks to address the need for quality education, life skills, and employment opportunities for the underprivileged children and youth of Cox’s Bazar through close collaboration with their parents, the community, and the local tourism sector. The project interventions include providing 100 children with digital tablets (TABs) through which these children will receive basic language, numeracy skills, and computer skills. In addition, lessons on sustainable tourism, nutrition, child, human rights education, and drug abuse, etc will also be taught by quality teachers from Dhaka.


An expert team of content developers will develop the curriculum. While some of the older students will graduate after the first year, new students will be enrolled under this pilot program in the subsequent two years. As the implementing partner, JAAGO Foundation will facilitate engagement with parents and the community to create a congenial environment for the students to continue their education. JAAGO will also provide monthly in-kind food assistance to these children. The Surfing Clubs will provide beneficiaries available for the project and will actively engage boys and girls of Cox’s Bazar area in sports and provide them with the skills they require to access learning and livelihood opportunities. JAAGO’s representatives will sit with the surfing clubs periodically to share experiences and provide suggestions for possible initiatives in order to create a supportive environment for the project beneficiaries. Moreover, regular meetings will be organized to brief stakeholders on the implementation progress.


JAAGO will undertake this project by keeping in mind the‘ Sport- for development approach. JAAGO will provide overall support and coordinate with WFP to facilitate the Enhancing Access to Livelihood Opportunities segment of the project and monthly in-kind food distribution to the students. Through this project, JAAGO will ensure the development of children and youth’s education, employment opportunities while building social harmony for the overall development of Cox’s Bazar. JAAGO Foundation hopes that it will reach its envisaged project outputs.

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