Training session on “21st Century Communications Skills in the Workplace”


The modern workplace requires employees to have broad cognitive and affective skills- often referred to as the “21st-century skills.” Skills include solving complex problems, thinking critically about tasks, communicating with people from different cultures effectively, working in collaboration with others, adapting to rapidly changing environments and conditions, managing one’s work, and acquiring new skills and information on one’s own.

To help our employees from JAAGO Foundation, a training session on “21st Century Communications Skills in the Workplace” was held on 21st September 2021 by Mr Mohammad Ariful; Training Qualifications UK Certified L & D Professional & YOUTH Mentor. Mr Ariful possesses a great presentation style. The session involved many opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-life examples, which made for a delightful and informative session for our employees.

The interactive and filled with fun activities in the session was found to be very useful for the participants as it was a combination of collaborative and experiential learning, the practice of reflection and correction. JAAGO Foundation appreciates Mr Ariful for sharing his wisdom and experience with the team and giving us his valuable time and insights.