Our Youth Development Program provides the opportunity to empower the youth, facilitate volunteerism, foster self-resilience and growth as well as equipping them with the necessary tools to shape them for a meaningful future. 51 districts, 40,000+ registered volunteers, and the ever-growing thirst to do better, bigger wonders are always on!

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What do we do?

The Youth Development Program works for
1. Building Capacity of the youth action groups.
2. Designing innovative campaign ideas.
3. Implementing projects nationally.
4. Monitoring and evaluation of the project initiated by volunteers.

Where we work?

Bangladesh has an impressive 44% literacy rate, which undoubtedly is a big success of the present Government’s visionary education policy. Still, there exist some major areas of development concerning the national primary education system. These include: poverty and rising inequality, widening disparities in education opportunities and facilities, poor class-attendance and alarming dropout-rates, lack of skilled teachers, lack of scientific curriculum, high cost of school-education, imposition of newer systems of education without proper teachers-training programs, etc.

How can you get involved?

People of any age can join our youth wing named Volunteer for Bangladesh, which was created to give the young people a common platform to help rebuild our nation as volunteers.